Investing in mining companies to power the clean energy transition


Tembo Capital invests in and supports mining companies currently in the evaluation, development and production phases, providing capital to bring discoveries into production, to expand existing production or to acquire assets.

The global economy’s increasing reliance on clean energy is expected to drive a major increase in demand for metals related to decarbonisation and emission reductions. Tembo Capital aims to capture the benefits of this demand growth through its investments in the critical minerals and mining projects needed to facilitate a clean energy future.

Tembo Capital aims to grow a strong and diversified investment portfolio focussing on low cost, quality assets managed by experienced, high calibre teams. We use the following investment criteria when evaluating opportunities:

Global focus

Tembo Capital has a global investment remit enabling it to make investments in the world’s key mining jurisdictions.

Time horizon

Tembo Capital deploys funds with a medium-term value-based investment approach.


Tembo Capital focuses on clean energy related metals that assist in the manufacture of batteries, green infrastructure and power along with precious metals.

Stage of development

Tembo Capital invests across all stages of the mining life-cycle; from resource expansion and feasibility studies to project financing, production expansion opportunities and asset acquisitions.


Tembo Capital adds value to its investments through strategic guidance, technical knowledge, extensive industry networks and sector expertise.

Investment structures

Tembo Capital makes investments across the capital structure, typically through equity, convertible debt, bridging debt, and quasi-equity instruments as well as taking direct project interests and royalties.

Focusing on junior and mid-tier mining
companies and assets.